General informationBearbeiten

  • British and American news coverage about Germany is very good due to the World Wide Web
  • In 2009, only 7,8% of UK students learned German in school – and their numbers are still decreasing
  • Less than 5% of British citizens ever spend their holidays in Germany
  • --> British and American people tend to believe in the picture the press and the media give them of Germany, because they do not know better

Common stereotypesBearbeiten

  • In 2003 , the Goethe Institute found out that history classes in America and the UK almost exclusively focus on World War II and the Holocaust when covering Germany
  • -->Very little knowledge about postwar period
  • For many British and American people, Bavaria and Germany are synonymous, which is partly due to the massive news coverage on the German Oktoberfest

2006 World CupBearbeiten

  • 300,000 British fans came to Germany for the first time and saw for themselves
  • News coverage was surprisingly positive
  • “Germany reinvented itself” according to the British “Guardian”
  • “The Times” noted that the “World Cup helped restore ancient bridges”
  • After England left the World Cup, many of its fans cheered for Germany instead
  • ---> The World Cup was a catalyst for a new relationship and understanding

Eurozone CrisisBearbeiten

  • Merkel is portrayed to be holding the fate of the Eurozone in her hands by the media in general
  • British tabloid “The Daily Mail” ran an article called “Rise of the Fourth Reich – how Germany is using the financial crisis to conquer Europe”
  • In November 2011, “The Guardian” raised the question whether Angela Merkel can be seen as “Europe’s savior” or its “biggest problem”
  • Most newspapers see Merkel’s efforts as something positive and helpful
  • Another “Guardian” article said the British need some German lessons regarding how to establish a prospering economy and praised Germany and France for taking the initiative when no one else did


  • Stereotypes of Germany die hard because for many British and Americans, the media are the only source of information about Germany
  • The 2006 World Cup positively changed the picture of Germany in Europe and the USA
  • The outcome of the Euro crisis will have a big influence on Europe’s perception of Germany in the future